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Mt.Tabor Baptist Church
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Good stewardship is a directive from God that means we will not only maintain the property of "His house" in excellence, but continuously strive to elevate it to the standards of the God we serve.
Since its inception, Mount Tabor Baptist Church has been a beacon of light in the surrounding community. The accommodations at our building have allowed us to be an outreach entity where people have assembled for many occasions, not only for religious events but also for business, political, educational and social purposes. To name just a few: for several years, we hosted an after-school tutoring program; the U.S. Small Business Administration utilized our building as its operational site for the community’s rebuilding efforts after Hurricane Katrina; for many years, Total Community Action used our building for one of its many Head Start Program learning sites; and earlier this year, we were the community’s headquarters for revitalizing voter registration efforts.

We are currently involved in a Capital Improvement Campaign to make repairs to our church. These urgently needed repairs have been identified by a structural engineering firm and must be done as soon as possible. The estimated cost for these repairs is $110,000.

We are asking you to support our fundraising efforts by contributing $1,500 to our Capital Improvement Campaign. Your contribution can be made as a one-time payment or in increments via check, cash or online at www.mttabornola.com. We need the support of our church members as well as community businesses and individuals to help us reach our goal to enable us to make the necessary repairs.

As part of our Capital Improvement Campaign, we have an ongoing fundraiser involving the 66 books of the Bible. The purchase of each book is $1,500 (see the list below of books still available). The book can be dedicated in your name, a deceased loved one, your family, your business, or something similar that will be displayed. The memorial display will be placed in a prominent area in our building and will be an everlasting part of Mount Tabor Baptist Church.

On March 22, 2020, we will celebrate our 30th year as a church serving this community. For the 30th year observance, we will have a souvenir booklet printed. In appreciation of your support for our Capital Improvement Campaign, you and/or your business will be recognized in the souvenir booklet that will be distributed throughout the community.

Thank you for supporting our efforts with this critical Capital Improvement Campaign.